April 23, 2005

A Home Where the Meth Heads Roam

Speaking of light posting, let me recommend Hal Herring's six-part saga (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) of sex, econonomic collapse, meth addiction and Christian financial counseling in rural Montana. It's an extraordinary story, but I think anyone who's lived in the west or southwest recently should find the elements only too familiar. If it had happened here in northern New Mexico, the drug would've been heroin rather than meth, but then this region has always taken pride in its distinctive culture. (Via The Uneasy Chair.)

Update, 27 April 2005: My posting this a few days before Herring began covering the trial was pure coincidence. (Again via The Uneasy Chair.)

Manual trackback: Mark A. R. Kleiman; Unions-Firms-Markets.

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