April 30, 2007

Let Me Be Among the First to Welcome Our Six-Pedaled Floral Robotic Overlords

From this week's Carnegie Mellon 8 1/2 x 11 News (emphasis added):

Carnegie Mellon researchers have developed a series of robots that are simple enough for almost anyone to build with off-the-shelf parts, but are sophisticated machines that wirelessly connect to the Internet. The robots can take many forms, from a three-wheeled model with a mounted camera that people could use to monitor their home while they're away to a robotic, six-pedaled flower that can open and close based on moods. The robots can be customized and their ability to wirelessly link to the Internet allows users to control and monitor their robots' actions from any Internet-connected computer in the world.

I realize this is a typo for "six-petaled", but the mere fact that I couldn't be immediately sure has brightened my day. The vision of mobile fields of flowers, pedaling in unison to follow the sun over the hills and valleys of western Pennsylvania, may yet come to pass...

Oh yeah --- here's the link to Telepresence Robot Kit website.

Update: Thanks to Alex Mallet for pointing out my typo; I believe at least one is required, thermodynamically, when making fun of someone else's.

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