January 01, 1993


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Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, April 2023
Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age (Shirky)
Don't @ Me
Positive-Definite Tab Closure
Some Blogospheric Navel-Gazing, or, Strange Memories of the Recent Past
Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, August 2020
The Internet Trap: How the Digital Economy Builds Monopolies and Undermines Democracy (Hindman)
Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, July 2017
Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4Chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right (Nagle)
Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, March 2016
Anatomy of Melancholy: The Best of A Softer World (Horne and Comeau)
Experimental Considerations Touching on the Art of Winning Lotteries
Random Linkage, May 2015
Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, March 2014
Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened (Brosh)
Aaron Swartz, requiescat in pace
Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, November 2012
Save Yourself, Mammal! (Weiner)
Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, November 2011
Hark! A Vagrant (Beaton)
Nothing To See Here, Move Along
Friday Educational Nightmares Blogging
Every Living Thing, Pushed into the Ring
Links, Pleading to be Dumped
War Against the Bookmarks
Posed While the Algae Grow in Their Fur
Got Plenty of Time (The Porosity of the Avante Garde)
Recognition from Alma Mater
(I Don't Give a Damn About My) Bad Reputation
Today in Et in Arcadia Ego Blogging
Assorted Link Roundup, May 2008
The End of the Age
He Is Risen
Help a Blogger Out
Where the Angles Are All Wrong
The Presentation of Self in Internet Life
Failing to Seize the High Ground
Assorted Linkage: Halloween Edition
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind --- in Pittsburgh
In Case You Were Feeling Too Gloomy
In Case You Were Feeling Too Cheerful
An Elegant Author Deserving of the Patronage of a Refined and Enlightened Public
Let Me Be Among the First to Welcome Our Six-Pedaled Floral Robotic Overlords
Spring Cleaning of Late Summer Bookmark Cleaning
The Complaints Choir of Helsinki
Felix Lupercalia
Piracy and Peer Production
Two Links on Scientific Programming
Go Outside and Play, Why Don't You?
Brunch in the Ruins
Topping from Below
Reasons to Be Cheerful: Higher Primates Issue
Snowclones in May!
A Last Night in the October Country
Destroy All Bookmarks!
Structure and Dynamics (On the Economic Geography of Gilgamesh)
Thursday Sloth Blogging
Slack from the Past
And You May Say to Yourself, "This Is Not My Beautiful Blog!"
Happy Hogswatchnight!
Debugging Early on a Saturday Warfare of Science and Theology in Christendom Blogging
Let No One Else's Work Evade Your Eyes
Yet More Political Data Analysis (or: "There you go, bringing class into it again")
Friday Cat Blogging (Science Geek Edition: Special Complex Networks Issue)
Balkan Chronicles
Shrill, Shrill, Shrill (with a Will)
The Circular Ruins
Speaking Truth to Power About Weblogs, or, How Not to Draw a Straight Line
One Roll of the Dice Will Never Abolish Warblogging
Assorted Reading
Someone Has Found a Way to Make Money from the Internet!
Hidden Connections; or, Flying Saucers, Conspiracies and Prehistoric Tibet
America's Finest News Source
More Assorted Reading
Assorted Reading
A Remarkable Likeness
Giving People What They Want
"If you loved me, you'd kill yourselves today"
Yet Another Blogroll Update
Notorious C.H.O.
Today's snippets
Passing it along
Assorted Reading
Fear and Loathing in Professional Sports
A Fish, a Barrel, and ...
When Did They Get a Blog? Dept.

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