June 21, 2007

Posthumous Preprints in Emergence

One of the high points of my time at the Santa Fe Institute was having the privilege, along with my friend Nigel Snoad, of helping Prof. Ian Malcolm prepare his famous series of "Posthumous Preprints in Emergence", a wide-ranging series of collaborations with distinguished co-authors, all of whom, sadly, pre-deceased Prof. Malcolm. For various reasons, these preprints never appeared in the official SFI working papers series, and have been generally unavailable since 1998, but I am happy to report that they are being reprinted in Nigel's weblog. The first two — "On the Deterministic Origins of Frequentist Stochasticity" (with H. Poincare [PDF]) and "Biodiversity: Understanding Complex Ecological Systems as Bifurcations of the Species World Line" (with A. R. Wallace [PDF]) — are already available, and more are promised.

The Bondi Institute: come for the complexity papers, stay for the pictures of Afghanistan.

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