October 05, 2009

In re John Holland

Having vowed two weeks ago to post something positive at least once a week, I missed last week, with the excuse of being back in Ann Arbor for the celebration of John Holland's 80th birthday at the Center for the Study of Complex Systems. There was no time to post, or even to see everyone I wanted to, but I did actually start writing something about Holland's scientific work, only to realize yesterday I was merely engaged in self-plagiarism, from this, this and this, and probably other things I'd written too, because reading Holland has quite profoundly shaped my thinking. So I'll just point you to the back-catalogue, as it were, and get back to revising a paper I'd never have written if I hadn't read Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems.

(So long as I'm talking about the workshop, and without any slight to the other presentations, the neatest work was that by Stephanie Forrest et al. on using genetic programming to evolve bug fixes.)

Complexity; Minds, Brains, and Neurons; Enigmas of Chance

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