April 01, 2011

One Hand Washes the Other

Attention conservation notice: I was going to follow Andy's example, and write a statistical April Fool's post on why parametric models are superior to non-parametric ones in every way; but this popped out instead.

Proposition: God only ever judges a creature for an offense against another creature, not against God.

Proof: Every being is either a created or not; but the only uncreated being is God. Every offense is therefore against another creature or against God. If God were to punish a creature for a sin against God, the deity would be at once plaintiff and judge (there being no division or disunity within God); yet even human justice recognizes that no one should decide their own case. Divine justice being perfect, the proposition follows.

Remark: this leaves open the possibility that a creature who sins against God could rightly be judged for this by another creature, if the latter could be impartial. This suggests that Satan's role has been misunderstood: the Adversary must be a disinterested gentleman with no love of his creator, because only such a being could judge impartially between God and God's creatures.

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