January 01, 1991

Modest Proposals

Don't @ Me
Import Substitution Is a Harsh Mistress
On Godzilla and the Nature and Conditions of Cultural Success; or, Shedding the Skin
An Ad Hominid Argument for Animism
You Think This Is Bad
On the Nature of Things Humanity Was Not Meant to Know
A Statement from the Editorial Board of the Journal of Evidence-Based Haruspicy
Dungeons and Debtors
"They've traded more for cigarettes / than I've managed to express"; or, Dives, Lazarus, and Alice
American Traditions
One Hand Washes the Other
A Defense of Lotteries
The Singularity in Our Past Light-Cone
The Neutral Model of Inquiry (or, What Is the Scientific Literature, Chopped Liver?)
Equilibrium in Bargaining Games, Idle Query Division
Social Carbon Banditry
The Republic Hath Need of Thee
Significance, Power, and the Will to Believe
Idle Question of the Day
Pedagogical Value
Quantum Causal Inference
The Khaldun Option
One Big Mutual Fund, or, The Ownership Society (Modest Proposals for the Reform of Corporate Governance, Part 2)
Cronyism, Corruption and Incompetence: A Network Analysis
"The Case for Building an Afghan Auxiliary Military Force"
A Sociological Exercise
Buy Your Way to Top (Modest Proposals for the Reform of Corporate Governance, Part 1)
"In nature, there are no rewards or punishments; there are consequences"
PhDMeatMarket.com, or, Favoritism and Intrigue Mechanized
Persecution and the Art of Neoconservative Writing
Learning Your Way Around Gödel's Theorem
A Modest Proposal, or Maximizing Birds per Stone

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