December 21, 2012


The Maya lands have seen the complex collapse of a great civilization (as the poet sang, "as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention"); invasions, plagues and enslavement on a scale which horrified some of the perpetrators; a violent millenarian movement which inspired a decades-long social war; and, in my life time, death squads, death squads and many, many more death squads. Thus it only makes sense that "the Maya apocalypse" refers to an idea which was made up in the late 20th United States, and has no relationship to anything the classic Maya thought.

El Castillo
El Castillo of Xunantunich offers its congratulations on the completion of the last b'ak'tun, and best wishes for the 14th. Now, would anyone like to play ball, and make it interesting?

(I still think we should have put up a stele on the National Mall to mark today.)

Update, 16 January 2013: Typo fixed, thanks to reader Tim Howard.


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