Collective Cognition

03 Apr 2024 09:47

Rather than repeating myself about what I mean by "collective cognition", I refer you to my review of Ed Hutchins's Cognition in the Wild, and the introduction to the 2002 SFI Workshop on Collective Cognition I co-organized (that introduction is primarily based on an essay I wrote as a distraction from finishing my dissertation). (Those links might be dead; these might work instead: intro, website.) I stole the phrase from Philip Agre, who told me he doesn't remember whence he got it. (This is fitting.)

The workshop was my first experience of helping to organizing a scientific meeting, and quite enlightening. The focus shifted quite a bit from what I originally had in mind, but I still think the papers presented were good; many of them are available via the link for the workshop above.

Prediction markets, which I think are horribly over-rated, probably deserve a notebook of their own.