December 30, 2006

Absolutely Regular

Leo Kontorovich was last seen in these parts when I plugged his recent paper on concentration of measure in mixing processes. He has just started a weblog, Absolutely Regular. As he explains in his first post, his aim is to discuss topics related to his research, which means ideas in math, computer science and learning theory. The fare ranges from accessible musing on subjects like what makes math "deep", through notes for "mathematically mature" audiences (like this, contrasting measure concentration and large deviations), to technical yet fascinating questions about the learnability of formal languages. (As for the rumors that he picked up the habit of assigning unsolved questions from his own research as student problems from this class, well, "You might think that; you might very well think that; but I couldn't possibly comment.") There is far too little of any of this online, never mind all of it, in one place, with a keen mind behind it. Leo and I regard each other's politics as unsound, to put it mildly, but I am very happy to have him posting from the next building, and hope he will long continue.

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