March 16, 2011

SocInfo 2011 (Dept. of Signal Amplification)

As part of the program committee, it behooves me to boost our own signal. I won't reproduce the whole of the call for papers, but just some of the key points:

3rd International Conference on Social Informatics [SocInfo 2011]
6--8 October 2011, Singapore
Abstracts due 7 April, full papers 15 April
The International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo) is an interdisciplinary venue for researchers from informatics and the social & management sciences to come together to share ideas and opinions, and present original research work. The goal is to create an opportunity for the dissemination of knowledge between the two communities, as well as to enable mutual critical discussion of current research.
The analysis, modeling and simulation of complex social phenomena, including Web2.0 applications, using well-established models such as social networks, is of particular interest to SocInfo2011. Enhancement of established social models may lead to breakthroughs in the design of algorithms or information systems that rely on social participation and social mechanisms. Behavioral game theory and realistic social simulation may be the road to the development of new social models for social information systems.
Web mining, text mining, natural language processing, opinion mining and sentiment analysis are the domains that attempt to exploit information available in the World Wide Web for a better understanding of social phenomena. Such research can benefit from the state-of-the-art knowledge in the social sciences, and is therefore solicited for SocInfo.
Applications of social concepts in concrete information systems such as web enterprises, enterprise management, e-governance and service sector, virtual environments such as multiplayer online games, multi-agent systems, e-commerce (including trust management and reputation systems) environments for support of teamwork, argumentation and debate, or creative work, will be of interest. The extensions of established knowledge in recommendation systems, collaborative applications (including collaborative filtering and tagging), distributed AI or multi-agent systems for the purpose of incorporating social mechanisms are also of interest to the conference.

Signal Amplification; Networks; The Collective Use and Evolution of Concepts

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