March 14, 2003

Signal Amplification

Announcements of conferences, special issues, etc., that I feel like passing along.

Summering in the Adobe Tower
On Signal Amplification
Write for My Friends!
Work for My Friends!
"From Data to Knowledge: Machine-Learning with Real-time & Streaming Applications"
Annual Call to the Adobe Tower
SocInfo 2011
ICCAI 2011
Structured Sparsity: Learning and Inference
Durlauf on Social Interactions
The 2011 SFI Complex Systems Summer School
Annual Call to the Adobe Tower
"Analyzing Networks and Learning with Graphs"
"Networks in Political Science" Conference
The Adobe Tower
Social Information Processing: Call for Papers
Ninth European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL2007) &mdash Call for Papers
The Evolution of Complexity (Encore Performance)
Statistical Network Analysis: Call for Papers
European Conference on Complex Systems 2006
The Evolution of Complexity
Quickly, Igor, bring me the manuscript!

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