22 Dec 2021 11:38

Somewhat unfairly, this notebook also serves as my dumping-ground for general issues related to all the social sciences, as well as "social theory" (so far as I can make out: sociology unburdened by any but the most stylized facts).

See also: Agent-Based Modeling; Archaeology; Collective Cognition; Complex Networks; Cultural Criticism; Cultural Minorities; Economics; Historical Materialism; Human Ecology; the Information Society; Institutions and Organizations; Memes; Methodology for the Social Sciences; Nationalism; Non-Rational Persuasion; Peasant Revolts, Rural Insurgenices; Political Elites; Psychoceramics; Religion; Social Contagion, Information Cascades, Diffusion of Innovations, Etc.; Social Networks; Social Neuroscience; Sociology of Science; Technology and Society; Thought and Society; Transmission of Inequality; World History